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Does Radon Gas Cause Cancer?

One of the questions I get most often is, can radon gas cause cancer? The short answer is yes. According to the EPA, radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. So, what is radon and how is it getting in my home?

Radon gas is a naturally occurring bi-product from the breakdown of uranium in the soil. Since radon is a gas it can access your home in any number of ways. Any crack, drain or sump crock can provide access for the gas to come in. Radon levels vary greatly, but are generally high in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin radon map

According to the EPA, a home with a PICO reading under 4 is acceptable, so the only way to ensure your family is safe is to have your home tested. If your test comes back higher than 4 you will need to have a mitigation system installed.

These systems create a negative pressure (or suction) under the slab of your home to remove all of the gas before it has a chance to enter the residence.

House diagram

I have performed many radon tests in Wisconsin with levels ranging all over the spectrum. If you would like your home tested feel free to contact our office and schedule the test. Our test takes 48 hours to complete so we will set the unit up on the day of your choice and come back in two days to retrieve the unit and provide you with the results.

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