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Can a Home Inspection Kill a Deal?

Before I answer this question directly let’s remember the reason you hired a home inspector in the first place. You want to know the condition of the home you are purchasing prior to finalizing the deal. Nobody want to purchase a money pit or make a bad decision. Now, depending on what the home inspection reveals and depending on the negotiating skills of your agent, yes, in some cases the inspection can kill a deal. Let me give you an example. I have performed many inspections and I can tell you that it is not uncommon for me to find bathroom exhaust fans vented into the attic. The problem with that of course is the added moisture in the enclosed space is the perfect breeding ground for mold. So depending on how bad the mold is and what is will cost to mitigate it the deal may fall through.

So, is that really a bad thing? If the sellers are not willing to correct a mold problem is that really a home you would want your family to live in? I think not.

This is why my customers feel home inspections performed by Four County Home Inspection Services provides them with a snapshot of the homes condition at the time of inspection. They also felt that the small fee we charge is well worth it. In fact, based on what we find in most cases their highly skilled agents have found ways to negotiate the cost of the needed improvements into the deal, making everyone happy.

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